Company Information

  • Category: Cash-in-Transit
  • Phone Number: (632) 8524‐4575
  • Address: The Eslabon Place I, 117 Balagtas Street, Pasay City
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GE Armored Transportation

     Known to be zealous patriots and responding to the call of the government for the private sector to assist in our nation building with the expected revitalization of our economy, the GRUPPO ESLABON (GE) founders and its team of security professionals launched its Cash-In-Transit (CIT) Services.

     Capitalizing on its existing solid security industry reputation and well-known brand standard of senior leadership involvement in their security operations, GRUPPO ESLABON's CIT is continuing it's unprecedented business growth in this very exclusive market segment.

     GE will continue vigorously with its CIT services with one goal in mind. Be the eventual market leader, serve the client better and provide for the people well.