The Company Profile

In order to systematize and synergize the individual operations of SHOOTERS SECURITY SERVICES, THE 1st EAGLE GUARD SECURITY SERVICES, ESLABON SECURITY AGENCY, WATER DRAGON PROTECTIVE AND DETECTIVE AGENCY, and SECURE TECH & I.T. SOLUTIONS, the GRUPPO ESLABON was registered as a non-stock corporation with a juridical personality distinct and separate from the above companies.

Its mandate to orchestrate the workings of the above companies to attain the lofty goal of providing the best quality services and service supports available in the security industry.

GRUPPO ESLABON is the brainchild of creative and innovative professionals. It was designed as an umbrella organization to best serve our people, corporate and individual companies in accordance with the principles of human and legal rights, the rule of law and environmental friendly.

The Foundation of our Character
To be the organization of choice of quality-minded individuals and discriminating clientele in the delivery of quality service and quality people.
Serve clients with the highest standards they deserve guided by foresight, experience and skills in managing risk, to the end that their assets are well protected.

Honor and Loyalty


To protect, and if duty compels, fight-even at risk of death.
The Founders
Dante A. Eslabon

It is not easy to be in a business that deals with safety because of the growing challenges in our society, but we accepted the responsibility for the sake of our people. The group is considered as one of the pioneers of the industry, and even today lives out to the same brand promise for decades. It is with great pride that we claim this group grew from humble beginnings to where it is now. It would have not been possible without the trust and efforts of our people and our partners who believe in what we offer. We reiterate our promise to continue our pursuit of excellence in security by providing quality service to them. When we started the company, we never though that the result would be this grand. Our group is a testament to the saying, “great things come from humble beginnings.” The difficulties we faced during our formative years defined the kind of brand our company wanted to imprint in the minds of Philippines society. Guided by these principles, we will continue to promote our signature service to our people who have entrusted their lives and properties to us. Loyalty, Quality and Dedication – slogans that represent Gruppo Eslabon. Our calling. Our promise.
Ferdinand A. Eslabon

It has always been our vision to provide not only our clients but the Filipino people with quality security service. Our company believes the right to security must be felt by everyone no matter what their role and status in life be. They deserve to feel safe. The life blood of Gruppo Eslabon is security of our people.

Our companies vow to work and strive to live up to the high standards of the market and continue being pioneers in the safety and security industry. We will make sure that all our equipment and technologies are at par with the stringent standards needed. We integrate world-class security measures to best serve our people and those who entrust their lives and properties to us.
Awards and Recognitions

          Plaque of Appreciation
National Bureau of Investigation

"Recovery of 250kg of Methamphetamine Hydrochloride (SHABU) Assorted Firearms and Grenades on 26 December 2000"

Given on 8th day of January 2001 by then
NBI Director Carlos S. Caabay

Shooters Security Agency
Represented by Dante A. Eslabon.

          1st Runner-Up Trophy

Battle of the Gun Clubs and
3rd Private Security Agencies Challenge 2015.

          Plaque of Merit

Security Guard of the Year
Presented to SG. Ian L. Colite
1st Eagle Security Services

          1st Runner-Up Trophy

CSG Director's cup 2016
Level 2 PSMOC Sanctioned Match
and PSA Level 1 Shooting Challege

          2nd Runner-Up Trophy

CSG Director's cup 2016
Level 2 PSMOC Sanctioned Match
and PSA Level 1 Shooting Challege